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Tuesday, June 26th 2007

6:38 PM

on how we choose to employ ourselves

some people argue that it would be wrong to stop activities like the seal hunt, rodeos or the meat and dairy industry because of the amount of people these occupations employ. an action cannot be judged right or wrong based upon the number of people who are employed by it but it can and indeed must be judged by the harm inflicted, upon those who have the capacity to experience pain and suffering, because of it*. if this were not the case then robbery and murder would be moral acts based on the number of people, from policemen to paramedics, from judges to jailers, who have jobs because of them.

*and to be treated merely as a means to serve the ends (wearing fur, being "entertained", satisfying some petty pleasures of the palate) of another or to have your life ended prematurely against your will are very great harms indeed, far worse than being unemployed from such occupations which use these tactics for profit. perhaps all those who would be without a job when these barbaric practices cease can find employment in less harmful vocations; those which promote a good quality of life rather than those which disrespect, enslave and destroy life. to profit off of another's pain is a shameful way to make a living.


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