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Thursday, April 26th 2007

7:56 PM

on classification

rather than distinct categories of "race" or "species" we are finding more of a continuum through time and space of geographically interesting beings who adapt themselves as circumstances dictate. we must consciously drop the old semantic and psychological traditions based on classifying by irrelevant criteria in order to free our minds from these harmful and therefore dangerous archaic stereotypes.

in the past, people looked at life on earth in a way that we could call "the human gestalt". in this view only humans were of supreme importance and all other living creatures were subordinate to mankind. this paved the way for misleading distinctions and allowed all manner of cruelty and barbarity toward others.

the tide however has begun to shift and people are beginning to realize that life on earth is a complex unity of individual beings, with no hierarchical greater or lesser, who deserve our respect and consideration.


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