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Thursday, April 26th 2007

7:42 PM

on life

why does life make life inimicle to life? that is, why do living beings make the act of living detrimental to their own lives and the existence of other beings? along with the will to live, is there some original "death wish" embedded in the genetic code of biological beings that causes them to destroy themselves unwittingly?

why does the act of living require an effort by living beings to remain alive? why, as living beings, should we have to eat, sleep, house and transport ourselves simply to remain alive? why can't all living beings have everything they need to live without trying to acquire it? beyond simply remaining alive, what do living beings seek? power? recognition? dominance? omniscience? control? is death a way of tricking life at its own game of effort?

while one exists can one even fathom non-existence? can non-existence ever exist? can existence be without consciousness of it? is life the universe's way of being conscious of itself or was it somehow aware of its being (or some smaller segment thereof) prior to the existence of life? is gravity insipient awareness? are the strong and weak nuclear forces nascent consciousness? is our definition of awareness too narrow?

is the real motivation for living not the love of life but hatred for those things inimicle to life?


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